Camamu-Almada Basin

Located in the central region of Bahia’s coastline with a total area of , Camamu-Almada Basin has oil and gas in both shallowand deep waters. Camamu Basin is bordered to the North by Jacuípe and Recôncavo Basins, through the transfer zones of Itapoã and Barra, respectively. Its southern limit with the Jequitinhonha Basin is determined by Alto de Olivença.

So far, seven oil fields have been found in this Basin, two of which are small onshore fields: Morro do Barro (gas) and Jiribatuba (oil); and 5 offshore fields: Pinaúna (oil), Sardinha (oil and gas), and Camarão (gas), as well as Manati (gas) and Camarão Norte (oil and gas), in which QGEP holds participating interests.


Block CAL-M-372

Block CAL-M-372 is situated in deep waters close to the island of Ilhéus. QGEP holds a 20% participating interest, acquired in the 6th ANP Bidding Round. There is a prospect identified the CAM#01, which is a structural trap, in which the main objectives are the turbidite arenites of the superior Crustacean.

Activities at CAL-M-372 continue to await the environmental license from IBAMA, currently expected to be issued in 2018. When the license has been issued, the Consortium will drill a pioneer well targeting the CAM#01 prospect. The Consortium asked ANP for the extension of the Concession period in light of current market conditions and uncertainties in the environmental licensing process. 

This prospect has average non-risked prospective resources estimated at , with 91% of this volume made up of oil and 9% of associated gas, according to the analysis presented in the GCA Report dated December, 2010.


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